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1.)       “We had an older Wireless Drive-Thru System. With the help of Restaurant-Headsets.com we decided to go with tne new Panasonic digital wireless system. The savings through increased efficiency have been enormous!”
--- JIm S., Manager - Quick-Serve Restaurant ---

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2.)       “I have been in the Restaurant Business for over 40 years and was pleasantly surprised to find that using this online website was the easiest way to upgrade our existing restaurant headset system.”
--- Peter H. - Franchisee - Quick-Serve Restaurant ---

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3.)      “Our main cost savings have come from the ability to use a wireless drive-thru system that operates without interference. We've found that the 3M digital drive-thru system offered the clearest audio both ways. No more constant requests for a customer to repeat his order in a noisy background environment."
--- Tim N. - Owner-Operator - QSR Restaurant ---

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